Dr. Carolyn Van Doren, RN, Psy. D.

Clinical Psychologist

You don't need a
mental illness to
talk to a psychologist

sometimes it's just stress

You deserve an individualized approach designed just for you.

Each person has unique characteristics. You have expert self-knowledge. As a clinical psychologist Dr. Van Doren has expert knowledge in a variety of psychological approaches. We work together to form a fit that works well for you.

Dr, Van Doren provides therapy and testing for adults. Her psychology doctorate provides advanced insight to address your needs. Dr. Van Doren is also a registered nurse which allows appreciation for the relationship between physical illness and emotions. Where possible, appointments will fit into your busy schedule. Dr. Van Doren's approach includes education about the mind and body to promote faster resolution of difficulties. Therapy requires the client to practice learned information between sessions.

Three financial options are available for services at Rock River Valley Mental Health, LLC. Therapy sessions last up to two hours, according to client needs not by the hour. Clients pay by the session. 1) Clients may pay by check or cash at the time of service. 2) Dr. Van Doren is also a provider for Baptist Children and Family Services (BCFS). BCHFS accepts several insurances and also offers a sliding scale for payment. Either payment or insurance co-pay is due at time of service. Clients my pay by smart phone or the internet. 3) Medicare or state insurance are not accepted. An alternative is the sliding scale which adjusts the fee according to family income.

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluations are more than assessments. Dr. Van Doren provides a variety of psychological testing to answer questions about mental status, academics, memory, confusion, ADHD and PTSD to name a few of the options. Dr. Van Doren has education and experience  for interpreting test results and writing individualized reports. Click here to learn more.


Dr. Van Doren’s services are respectfully available to persons of varying belief systems and faiths without judgment. Dr. Van Doren is a Christian who sees each person as valuable to God.¬†

Services by Appointment

Scheduling is flexible to fit your work and family needs. Hours begin at 10am.
If you prefer, please leave your name and number with the best time to return your call.