Dr. Carolyn Van Doren, RN, Psy. D.

Clinical Psychologist

About Me

Carolyn Van Doren, RN, Psy. D. is a licensed clinical psychologists in full-time private practice. She is also a registered nurse, which provides her insight into physical health but she does not practice medicine. An advanced nurse practitioner or physician of your choice manages medications.

Being a Christian and Adlerian psychologist, Dr. Van Doren values helpful social participation as part of mental health. Other events contributing to mental health are satisfying intimate relationships, a positive work experience, a sense of personal fulfillment, and spirituality. Her practice is open to people of all faiths or philosophies, respecting each person’s belief system.

​Dr. Van Doren received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Adler University in 2004, a Bachelor degree from Govenors State University, Associate degree in Nursing from Sauk Valley Community College and an Associate degree in Liberal Studies from Illinois Valley Community College.

Clinical Psychology experience prior to private practice was in Madison, Indiana State Hospital with intellectually disabled and mentally ill, prisons with mental illness, personality disorders and restructuring life styles, and a family clinic in Gary, Indiana with child and family psychological evaluations. Dr. Van Doren has experience as a psychiatric nurse in Forest Park and Dyer, Indiana where she worked with pediatric, adult and geriatric populations. Prior to entering psychology, her nursing experience was in critical care, post-surgery, neuro-science and oncology.

Dr. Van Doren maintains her skills through continuing education. She is licensed to practice in Illinois and Indiana. She continues to hold an Illinois registered nursing license to include health education in her therapy.

Continuing Education